Industry Trends Connected Worker Solutions Becomes A Core Pillar of Industrial Digital Transformation
LNS Research finds a strong correlation between companies that implement connected worker technologies and profitability, IX success and operational performance.
standard work
Industry Trends What is Standard Work?
Leverage standard work as part of your continuous improvement process
connected worker
Industry Trends Poka Recognized as a Connected Worker Vendor for Second Year in a Row
The adoption of the “Connected Worker” is quickly accelerating and is forecasted to become mainstream in a few years.
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Top takeaways from our webcast with Mike Hoseus, Co-Author of Toyota Culture
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Workforce skills development is a critical part of a successful digital strategy.
Forms and Checklists
Product, Industry Trends 9 Reasons to Switch to Electronic Forms
How Electronic Forms and Checklists Have Evolved to Deliver Unexpected Value for Manufacturers.
Industry Trends The Importance of Digital Collaboration in Manufacturing
McKinsey article estimates 20-30% productivity gain can be achieved through digital collaboration
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How global manufacturers are going paperless in pursuit of manufacturing excellence
Industry Trends The New Normal in Manufacturing
Recommendations from the World Economic Forum to build agility and resilience after COVID-19
Industry Trends Training Becomes a Top Investment Priority for Industry 4.0
With the transition to Industry 4.0, manufacturing leaders recognize the need to adjust their strategies and activities to ensure success for the future.
Product, Industry Trends Digital Training on the Factory Floor
See how manufacturers are safely training workers during the COVID crisis by enabling autonomous learning at their stations (video demo)
Product, Industry Trends Virtual Andon & Remote Collaboration for Factory Workers
How manufacturers are digitally connecting operators with experts to safely manage and resolve issues at a distance (video demo)