Manufacturing efficiency 1
Leading Chocolate Manufacturer Sees Impressive Efficiency Gains With Poka
Barry Callebaut’s plant in Quebec, Canada decided to try a new technology to gain further productivity and performance from its already very efficient production lines 
Digital Log Book
Industry Trends Converting Factory Communication into Employee Knowledge
Communication is generally a good thing. Effective communication is better. Even better still is when effective communication becomes useable knowledge.
standard operating procedures
Industry Trends SOP Best Practices:  How to Manage Standard Operating Procedures Over Time
Standardizing operating procedures is a must in today’s smart factory.
Industry Trends 3 Guiding Principles for More Effective Manufacturing Training
Poka helps workers learn more effectively, and address the common challenges many companies face today.
Industry Trends How to Migrate to Digital Work Instructions
This article outlines the steps you can take to successfully get your work instructions into a digital format
Continuous Learning
Industry Trends How to Reduce Waste in Your Daily Operations
A common focus of continuous improvement efforts is the elimination of waste
Operators-Skill-Management-list Copy
Industry Trends Skills Management in the Age of Smart Factories
In the age of industry 4.0 smart factories are no longer science fiction, they are a reality
Industry Trends How to Minimize Productivity Loss & Inconsistent Manufacturing Training Caused by On-the-Floor Shadowing
The key to training factory floor workers without disrupting operations
Industry Trends Tips for Creating One Point Lesson Videos… Fast
How a Poka customer leveraged a training session to produce 100 micro-learning videos
Product Communication Best Practices on the Factory Floor
How Poka top performers use the Factory Feed to increase productivity and engagement
Product Bridging the Communication Gap Between Operators & Maintenance
Integrating Poka with your CMMS is a powerful way to drive improvements in OEE
Product Poka Co-Founders Reflect on Raising $10M in Series A Funding
This last investment round marks the beginning of an exciting new phase for the company