Mar 29, 2017 Marie-Sophie Côté

New Feature : Production Parameters

Personnalized production parameters on your equipment models and products

Industry 4.0 promises to reshape the way things are made, and it now combines the physical and the digital world. Poka was created when our CEO recognized the need to document his family's business internal processes and knowledge to achieve standardized and stable production.

Making your Life Easier is our First Concern

We are introducing a new feature that will allow you to add production parameters on your equipment models, and personalize them for each product.

Poka product parameters

See the Benefits

You will only need to define the Production Parameters once, these will then automatically apply to all equipment under that model. A bond exists between a selected Product and piece of Equipment to show the appropriate Production Values. They are defined according to the Production Parameters.

Poka product parameters

Parameter Values can be:

  • Digital (numbers only)
  • Text (letters only)
  • On/Off
  • Range (minimum, maximum, and a target)

Start Today

Enter all your production parameters in Poka to enjoy the full potential of having this vital information at your fingertips.


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