Jan 26, 2017 Marie-Sophie Côté

Deep Linking Now Available in Poka

Clicking on a Poka URL will now directly open the page in your app

As deep linking on mobile devices is starting to take off in the whole industry, we have kept the pace by adding this feature on version 1.14!

What is Mobile Deep Linking?

Comparable to the Internet with its clickable links, deep links consist of opening a URL and being redirected within a mobile application. From now on, whenever you open a Poka URL from your iOS device, it will directly open the Poka app, as well as guide you to the appropriate page!

The Important Role of Deep Linking

If you intend to open a guide, a troubleshoot or a news, you will be lead directly to it instead of having to navigate throughout the Web application.

By providing one-click access to Poka, it is less tempting for users to deviate from their original tasks. 

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