Jan 30, 2018 Marie-Sophie Côté

A Better Way to Manage Skills

Driving the value of a well trained workforce on the shop floor

With Poka you can now plan, review, endorse and audit the skills of your employees, providing a real-time, at-a-glance view of training, certification and licensing. More automated than Excel or paper, and easier to use than a traditional LMS, Poka is definitely a better way to manage factory workforce skills.

Ensure Workforce Versatility and Coverage

Team leaders can visualize their teams' strengths and staff their production lines quickly and easily in the event of absence and vacation. Get rid of those heavy and outdated binders.

skills management matrix

Empower your People

Keep your employees in the loop : give them the opportunity to consult and to validate their skills directly from their profile.

"The module optimizes the onboarding for new employees and minimizes the HR operating costs by centralizing all the documentation and the training activities in one place"
— Operation coordinator, Riviera

Stay on Top of Certifications

Every employee will be notified in Poka when a certification or a skill is about to expire and when it has to be renewed. Now, all the certifications and updates are automated and won’t be forgotten!

When you create a skill, you have the option to establish when it needs to be reviewed again.

Poka Skills Management Process

Create skills that are relevant to your industry focused on your values and your organizational culture.skills management process

Continuous improvement
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