Jun 27, 2017 Marie-Sophie Côté

3 Simple Tips & Tricks to Help You Use Poka

Our expert gives you time-saving advices

Even if you use Poka everyday, there may be some features you may not have discovered yet in your day-to-day workflow. Below is a list of functionality built into Poka which we hope will simplify your usage of the tool.

A Guide or a Troubleshoot Has Been Created in the Wrong Location?

You can simply move it! To do so, share the guide or the troubleshoot as usual to the piece of equipment or workstation where it should be. Once it’s done, simply delete the sharing of the guide or troubleshoot from its original location within the same sharing tab.

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If you want to know more about sharing guides and troubleshoots, refer to our help center, located in the right menu on the Web app.

It's Hard to Find the Right Tag for your Posts?

We have the solution! With an iPad, tag the workstation or the equipment you want on a news post or a call for help by publishing them directly from their profile page! This way, the tag (which helps keeping track of any activities that occur on the workstation or the equipment) will appear automatically on your news or call for help. How fantastic is that?!


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Two Guides or Troubleshoots are Complementing Each Other?

Link them together by their URL! In the guides or troubleshoots’ creation form, add the guide’s URL (e.g. into the references section as an external link. You may even rename the link, so the users will easily know what it’s referring to. Therefore, from both applications (iPad and Web), the guide or troubleshoot will open on the right page.

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